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Manager: webring
This is an open discussion forum for users to discuss WebRing features, wishes, thoughts, etc. QUESTIONS about and PROBLEMS with the System should be posted in detail using the support forums in Help. Negative, derogatory or personal comments will be deleted. Sadly, due to spamming and anonymous trashing of other users we have had to restrict posting to signed in members.

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A few permanent posts to illustrate the feature
Re (3403): Nav bar NEXT goes to hub page.
  Thanks. Knocking the cookie security down from medium to low in the interne

Re (3401): Nav bar NEXT goes to hub page.
  Two possible reasons: 1. you're site is not asctive in the ring currently

can't upload logos?
  Is there a problem with logo uploading? When is the best time to upload?

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DENIED ACCESS - 02/27/2010

I was DENIED ACCESS to a ring name NATURE PHOTOS...
Apparently I was told cause CODE on my web site niviagtion bar is only bringing traffic from webring to my site and not back...

I tested NAVIGATION BAR and brings me back to webring...Can someone visit bar on my site and let me know if everything is okay...??? or do i need to do anything?

Replied - 02/27/2010
This is not a support forum, but:
1. denied access means you cannot view or you could not join. Be clear.
2. You tested how? By clicking a link? that is not how th ehelp system, or antyhing else, suggest you "TEST" that is using the test link itself.

Please try tobe clear and address this in the member support forum.

Replied - 02/27/2010
Thank you for pointing to support forum...
However when i click on navigation bar on my webstite brings me back to Webring...I didnt think has to be done anything else..

Hub in Question denied me access cause he/she state states that only works one way..I feel that they clicked on my blog instead and created this far as my website goes i dont see problem..I will ask other hubs and see what they say..Thanks

Where is support forum?
any link to it?

Replied - 02/28/2010
the second navpanel on your "webring maintained" page
"Amateur and Pro Photography" point to
and not the home page -

I would treat the site as "one way"

_copy_ the navpanel to that page, or vary the registered URL to

that will do it I should think??

Replied - 02/28/2010
Then why MEMBERSHIP Answer was to me that my site is PERFECT?????????????

So what should one do now?
I see you are technicaly inclined now i would like to know how to fix that? I didnt write the code....all i did per instruction of webring at the time of applying for navbar when i applied for reg URL is copy and paste into my website..Surely is not my screw up...Then webring wrote wrong code for me to paste would u agree?

Then why membership help says everything is okay?
Anyone realy know here what is right thing to do?

I do appreciated you try to help...
BTW i never entered that link into navbar
I entered my web home page link and posted navbar on my home page...where did that come from i ahve no idea..
I never touched navbar since the day one i applied for..

Replied - 02/28/2010

I beleived that i have found the PROBLEM
and the problem is BLOG..I joined the blog...and now each time i apply for Ring blog link comes up INSTEAD MY WEBSITE HTTP://WWWW.APHOTO4YOU.COM and blog has nothing IN THERE...and i get DENIED ACCESS...

That link is there i didnt created link nor i wanted the blog...confusion IS BLOG ...Now each time i apply for ring i have to make sure that is showing my website link and not my blog...

I WOULD LIKE to know how to delete BLOG...i dont see nowhere that OPTION...that will resolve the issue...and will get rid of headache...

Replied - 02/28/2010
You DO realize thatyou can hvave more than one URL in your account and that to choose another one you simply uses the drop down to select it? It's that simple, really.

Nice site, btw

Replied - 02/28/2010

Little to late ...

I laready found that out on my OWN...after frustration and beating my head against teh wall..It created another link from a blog i created and was inserting that link inot all my RINGS applications without me realizing that from pull down menu i have to select correct link to my website..

I dont wish to have any links i dont wish to have blogs...All i want clean sailing..

BLOG IS DELETED By membersupport
Links are deleted and there is ONLY ONE LINK and ONLY LINK will ever be...I lost lots of my nerves by being DENIED ACCESS yesterday.....I dont wish any more headache LOL

ITS ALL COOL NOW....thanks for the reply

But as i got u to post here maybe WEBRING.INC wants to concetrate on NEW USERS who are taken by suprise and have no knowledge of computers enough to deal with problems..

Although i build my site with no help whatsoever i am proud to say i am not computer dumb...

But when NEW users who are roots of this site..cause they are the ones u wanna keep..cause u need them to pay membership to run the site and substantiate the cost and with problems like this get discouraged u will lose them...

I suggest to have SITEMAP that will appear on ever page that user wanna click on ...therefore they can navigate all over quickly and successfuly...

On the other hand when user such as me posted in webring forum...that user dont need to be slammed and chewed atwith an attitude... why he/she posted here ....But rather should be given link to appropriate forum ..If u would have sitemap maybe people wouldnt post in wrong forum..something to be suggested to developer of this site...

Some of us are not 5 years old and refuse to take attitude from someone whom i might be a grandmother...Not a nice way to treat new users...Gives this site bad reputation...

I went all the way out and advertised this site on FB when i first drum up business for this site ..however after what i experienced here i have to think twice to recomend...Needs little more organizing and user friendly...

This have a great potential but cutomer service is important

Thank u again

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