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The Ring of the ArchMagi - Dark Portals swirl about you as you walk the long corridor, each portal leads to another realm, both of beauty and darkn

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The Ring of the ArchMagi

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Manager: magician
Dark Portals swirl about you as you walk the long corridor, each portal leads to another realm, both of beauty and darkness, A deep voice rumbles in the distance "Pick well mortal, many SITES await your virgin senses so pick carefully" Fantasy sites such as Vampire sites, AD&D Sites, sites about dragons, magic etc. are welcome.


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   Ravenshadow's Realm Preview Go
a basic Ad&d site including characters, monsters, magical items and more.
   Planewalkers Home Preview Go
This site is taking information about AD&D and planescape, it also is a good oportunity of rest for planewalkers of the multiverse..
   Misery Ascendant Preview Go
Misery Ascendant - The failed attempts at the lands of goodness. The gods of good endure their failed attempts at creating the lands of unending goodness. Evil now reigns supreme in the lands of Cyuk. New PbEM starting soon!!

   Wizards Denn Preview Go
Enter a world of fantasy and adventure. This is soon to be the best D&D site on the net with our constant upgrades to feed your craving for a new Items and worlds. This site even has a chat room on so that you can talk to other players. Any suggestions to this site email me.
   ARG:The Adventure Roleplay Gaming System Preview Go
The ARG System is a complete, detailed and free roleplay game. It has a intuitive core mechanic and an expanding world setting. Join the Knights of the Dragon's Pearl and you can help develop it.
   The Dark Castle Preview Go
This site contains various fantasy images, and various links to Dungeons and Dragons information.
   The Kingdom of Hurva Preview Go
On behalf of his royal highness, King Gerdant, I bid you welcome to the Kingdom of Hurva. Here you will find heroic tales, learn of our rich mythic tradition and pay taxes.
   Minotaur's_Rest and WasKaz's Lair Preview Go
The world and works of Kazanthi de-Arluun, a female minotaur.
   Dr. Jonathan Palmer's Laboratory Preview Go
Welcome to my Laboratory, within you will find information about the Sons of Ether and the Speakeasy Chantry, in London
   The Spire of Wisdom Preview Go
The Home of Knowledge, of a humble priest known as Jorel. Many works of art and knowledge line the halls of this spire, befitting any Oghmite's Temple.

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