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DARK RING - Join The Dark Ring, A Ring Dedicated Specially To Advanced Dungeons And Dragons And Any Such Games...

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Join The Dark Ring, A Ring Dedicated Specially To Advanced Dungeons And Dragons And Any Such Games...

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   Dreamer's Den Role Playing Games Preview Go
Full line role playing game retailer
   Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Preview Go
A small site dedicated to a couple of campaigns I have run. Includes character briefs, an AD&D psychoanalysis test and various tables for game use.
   The Kendrish Pantheon Preview Go
A pantheon of deities for the serious GM. By far the most detailed and extensive game pantheon around, this pantheon will serve any of your game world religious needs.

   Darion's World Preview Go
A tribute to Fantasy and RPG gaming.
   World of Arkaela Spelljamming setting Preview Go
World of Arkaela is a full campaign setting for 2e AD&D gamers, & offers special interest for users of the Spelljammer setting. Included is a new PC race handbook, new character classes/kits {Valiant & Cabalist}, more spelljamming ships, full crystal sphere overview, monsters & gods. Norse mythology, Lovecraft, and spelljammer all in one place!
   Dubhar Tiliath, the Shadow Realm RPG Preview Go
A Realm of Eternal Night, where creatures of the Night fear not the coming of the day, and all are welcome to colonize a section of the Land, we offer live questing and open ended rp throughout the day and night.
   Dark Bishop's Roleplaying Page Preview Go
A new roleplaying site that focuses on the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Game. constantly expanding, it offers a variety of resources for the serious roleplayer.
   Misery Ascendant - The failed attempts at the alnds of Preview Go
A dark fantasy campaign setting where the gods of good endure their failures at their attempt at creating the world of goodness. The powers of evil now reign supreme, as the powers of good wane to extinction. Custom world, races, classes, monsters, and stories.
   Doubter's Guide to AD&D (afrikaans) Preview Go
A critical look at Advances Dungeons & Dragons, and fantasy roleplaying in general -- it's etiology, the dangers involved and answers to common misconceptions. The entire site is in Afrikaans.
My page has pics of dragons , vampires , and cool bands . it will sone have many other cool things on it but that is all to come

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