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DragonRealms and GemStone III - DragonRealms and GemStone III is a web ring comprised of web sites created by players of DragonRealms and GemStone III.

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DragonRealms and GemStone III

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Manager: opossumsal1

DragonRealms and GemStone III is a web ring comprised of web sites created by players of DragonRealms and GemStone III. Its purpose is to promote roleplaying and to aid newcomers to DR and GS3. (DragonRealms and GemStone III are registered trademarks of Simutronics Inc.)


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   Silver Mt. Retreat Preview Go
This is where Laday hides away and kicks back. She keeps her favorite instruments here, and all of her precious books. There is always a cozy fire, comfy places to relax, a bite to eat, and a glass of taffelberry punch. Come and visit, make yourself at home.
   Vilas's Elanthian Domain! Preview Go
Well this site has a few things for every guild... Herbs, learning levels, stories... Make sure to visit this site about Dragonrealms, it is the best RPG game ever!
   Living Life in the Shadows Preview Go
A Rogue's Life.

   Dragon Realms Information center Preview Go
Have a Specific Question about DR? Check here for the best answers, information and links
   Serinity's Lil Corner Preview Go
Just a little site dedicated to Gemstone III. Links and stuff.
   DragonRealms Fan Fiction Site Preview Go
My DragonRealms fan fiction site is a place where the creative members of the realm can present their tales of life in Elanthia. Submissions are requested from all visitors; character histories, tales of life in Elanthia and hopefully many more tales will be presented here.
   A Bard in Your Pocket Preview Go
Larque's web-based library for thieves and anyone else with sticky, sneaky fingers. Includes both character and guild information.
   Bardic Noises Preview Go
Bardic Noices from Larisah, some information about mentors, stories, Lyrics, and even a fantasy book review page.
   Larule's Warrior Mage Page and Guide to the Best of Ela Preview Go
Its a site dedicated to warrior mages, a review of our spells, training hints and also is commited to bring the best of Elanthia and some fun things like books and contests will be coming
   Noctilca's Cauldron Preview Go
I'd like to help you out if I can! I've got a library of many books from all over Elanthia, and some other tips for Warrior Mages. Plus, you can learn about me and maybe even get a character portrait!

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