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A Trivial WebRing - triv·i·a  (trv-) noun Insignificant or inessential matters; trifles.[Latin trivia, neuter p

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A Trivial WebRing

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triv·i·a  (tr""v""""-"") noun Insignificant or inessential matters; trifles.[Latin trivia, neuter pl. of trivium, crossroads, gutter (influenced by trivial); see trivium.]  petty and unimportant things or details.  unimportant, trifling things or details, especially obscure and useless knowledge. trivial, adj.  This WebRing, in and of itself somewhat trivial in the grand scheme of things but important and meaningful to those members as well as to visitors, comprises member sites presenting trivia or quizzes.  Because attribution of quotations (often miscalled "quotes") is frequently a part of trivia quizzes, you may also find quotations here.  Appropos of absolutely nothing, pictured here, a sheet music cover for a song from 1911 (in case anyone ever asks).  Enjoy!

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