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"One"- The Golden Chain of Role Player Games - One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. The One Ring is devoted to websites supporting quality rolepla

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"One"- The Golden Chain of Role Player Games

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One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. The One Ring is devoted to websites supporting quality roleplaying games. RPG games with a dark edge, The World of Darkness by White Wolf, Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium, or games with something fantastic to offer, Theatrix by Backstage Press or Ars Magica originally by Lion Rampant, but the One Ring wants every interesting roleplayer out there. Visit our  community of roleplaying game sites bound within the One Ring.


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   Ring Of Australian RoleplayING Preview Go
A web ring of sites about roleplaying in Australia. This includes sites for roleplaying conventions, clubs, large campaigns and sites with resources for Australian roleplayers.
   Club Damned Preview Go
Club Damned is a free form online role-playing site set in White Wolf´s World of Darkness that focuses on stories and characters, plots and themes played out via an IRC channel on Sorcery.net
   Our Vampire: the Dark Ages Chronicle Preview Go
includes character bios, story synopsis, storyteller commentary, medieval links, humor, message board and werewolf cross-over ideas

   Digital RP&Etc. Haven Preview Go
Digital is a web-based online community for Roleplayers, artists, & writers. People who Roleplay fantasy, anthro, TLK, Anime, D&D, Harry Potter, & comic books (etc!!). Our site is Highly customizable, and Very user-friendly. Please stop by, and make some new friends!
   Train of Consequences: The Phantasy Star RPG Preview Go
Game based on Sega's Phantasy Star series. 1746 years after the Great Collapse of palman civilization, people has finally gotten back on their feet and rebuilt their culture to similar heights as the old glory days. However, palmans’ meddlings with the global ecosystem prior to the Great Collapse now give as result a planet that’s less hospitable and more dangerous to live in by the day.
   Clandestyne - A Storyteller freeform campaign Preview Go
Clandestyne is a Sydney based & set freeform campaign, A roleplaying game that involves a great number of players, with the emphasis of play being role-playing rather than strategy, The game is currently in hiatus, the site remains as an information resource.
   Wolves In The NIght Preview Go
Two packs engage in a war to end all wars. Come choose your loyalty and fight beside your leader. Choose whether you win this fight...or die in pride for trying.
   Stormpoint Preview Go
Welcome to a world of darkness and light, of honor and deception, of magic and lore ... where thieves plot in shadow, gypsies dance in firelight, rangers vow justice, fae shimmer with mischief, and missionaries spread the Word. Welcome to adventure. Welcome to intrigue. Welcome to Stormpoint! Stormpoint is a website and writing board dedicated to fantasy writing and employing free-form gaming structur
   CHILL: The Crusade Preview Go
Chill Horror RPG campaign, set in the San Francisco, CA area. Some of the sections being developed are the Campaign Logs, Characters, homebrew Creatures of the Unknown and Links, with more to come as time passes.
   11th Hour - DC By Night IRC Roleplaying Game Preview Go
VTM & WOD roleplaying game run on IRC (SorceryNet). All White Wolf modern day PC-class genres accepted. Bringing you over 7 years of Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Mage the Ascension, Wraith the Oblivion, Hunter the Reckoning, Kindred of the East, Demon the Fallen, and much more from White Wolf's World of Darkness, online 24/7. Come join us!

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