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Role Playing Games - This is a WebRng where Members have posted their Role Playing Game's site. A showcase of All types of role playing games

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Role Playing Games

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This is a WebRng where Members have posted their Role Playing Game's site. A showcase of All types of role playing games including free form.

HAVE FUN! ... and enjoy the sites in this Ring!


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   The Online Role Playing Universe! Preview Go
A highly diversified anime forum with a modern/fantasy role-play game. It's open for newcomers! so talk about your interests here ^_^ GO TORPU!!!
   Sin City RPG Preview Go
17+ old members allowed...Play in the world of Sin City,Create a character or use original.Contests,Games,and other cool stuff.
   Fantasy Realms 2.0 Preview Go
My third forum (And I hope my It's my best...). It's brand new, and desperatly needs members! I took most of the places from Final Fantasy X, but the storyline is totally different.

   X-Men Not of This World Preview Go
This is a PBeM or Play-by-Post RPG set in the X-Men movie universe with a slightly alternate history. If you enjoyed the movies, the 'Wildcard' novels, or 'Heroes' this is for you.
   Tales of the Crystals Preview Go
This is a website dedicated to the game, Tales of the Crystals RPG. We have created a few of our own characters and have brought it to a new level for teenagers and adults.
   New Age Descendants Preview 1 review(s) — Go
1600 years have passed. The continents of the world have been reshaped by an apocalyptic flood into a single crescent-shaped mass now populated by strange, mutated creatures. In New Age Descendants, you can create a character from any of the three races (humans, droids, and mutants) and explore the world as it is now. Take on missions, make friends, or even save civilizatio
   Darconia Realm Preview Go
Darconia's an old Realm, with a complicated history of war and bloodshed. But through it all, Darconian's have always managed to survive, always in seek of that promised peace.
   Mobile Suit Gundam Academy Preview Go
A gundam RPG. based in the SEED world but in 93 CE has a very good plot line.
   Illya Preview Go
Welcome to Illya, set in a fantasy world full of elves, centaurs, faeries, and dwarves! Join, and meet new friends, defeat monsters, and explore new terrain! (This is a message board RPG)
   BloodMoon2 RPG Preview Go
Escape into the world of the dark, where vampires await in the shadows. In the darkness the innocent die and the evil are amused by their suffering. Welcome to terror foretold by the blood red moon and black magiks charging the air. A culture ruled by the vampire council and the clans represented therein. Walk the streets and face certain death. Escape into the world of BloodMoonRPG.

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