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Federation of RPG Makers - A webring of rpg makers to bring the internet community many free and entertaining rpgs.

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Federation of RPG Makers

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A webring of rpg makers to bring the internet community many free and entertaining rpgs.

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   Rising Sun Samurai Live Action Roleplaying Preview Go
samurai historic re-enactment and role playing, some is live action, some is online, visit the website to find out more..
~Wild Horse Island~ Created circa 2002, still active and going strong! WHI is an RPG that has something for everyone: Horses, Humans, Unicorns, Wolves and more! Come join us at Wild Horse Island where creativity knows no bounds. Ask for irThumper (~~Owner Proxy~~) at the Suggestions Board if you need help or have any questions :) Come and play, we're a click away!
   Rpg City Preview Go
simply a forumbased rpg where you create a character and play as them. sorry, there isn't any "battling" like some other forum-based rpg's have. :(

   Chaos Strikes At Hogwarts Preview Go
This rpg is based on Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, as well as the events that take place within the wizarding world. You may be a canon character, or one of your own creation. Professors, Deatheater, students, and Order of Pheonix members will play an active role, so don't feel confined to playing just students. It is a battle of good vs. evil, and I promise a good time.
   WCW Preview Go
We are a fantasy role playing website for people who love wrestling. Build your own custom Wrestler. two shows a week with new story lines being created weekly. If you would like to join us please fillout an application.
   Your Guide to Ancient Greece Preview Go
Alliance of Heroes lets you be the hero in the land of Ancient Greece. Where you can fight mythical monsters, debate with Gods of every culture and interact with friends from around the world in an environment of your creation.
   The Five Rings of Power Campagn Homepage Preview Go
webpage for the Five Rings of Power AD&D second edition campaign
   A One Piece RPG, One Dream Adventure: Eternal Preview Go
A roleplay site based on One Piece anime and manga. Members can create a pirate, marine, bounty hunter, or other unique character and explore the One Piece world.
   Harry Potter: War at Hogwarts RPG Board Preview Go
The dark lord had returned and an army so great, so large, was being built, that there seemed to be no force on earth that could take it on. As the days grew darker, even Hogwarts was beginning to see the shadow of it's downfall drawing near; Students were dying and being killed; the Hogwarts express had crashed and many teachers were dying. Hogwarts was surely about to meet it's end. Now, as 19

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