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The RPG Network - The RPG Network webring brings together sites on role playing games with widely varied topics and styles. Many ring memb

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The RPG Network

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The RPG Network webring brings together sites on role playing games with widely varied topics and styles. Many ring members offer online bulletin board-style RPGs that you can join. Others make available forums for discussing RPGs in general, some offer services and products of interest to role playing gamers, some review gaming products, and some offer a little of everything. Visit the sites in the ring for all RPG, all the time!




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   Charmed Enchanted Preview Go
Charmed is at its beginning. Prue is alive, the sisters have yet to discover their powers, and guess what....its 2005...Charmed is starting this year...Come and rp at one of the girls! Or create your own character and recieve powers.
   The Online Role Playing Universe! Preview Go
A highly diversified anime forum with a modern/fantasy role-play game. It's open for newcomers! so talk about your interests here ^_^ GO TORPU!!!
   Watcher's Legends Preview Go
A Highlander RPG that hopes to combine the Highlander world with what we call 'myths and fantasy" Be an Immortal, Watcher, Hunter or Mortal.

   A One Piece RPG, One Dream Adventure: Eternal Preview Go
A roleplay site based on One Piece anime and manga. Members can create a pirate, marine, bounty hunter, or other unique character and explore the One Piece world.
   The RPG academy Preview Go
This site is dedicated to showing newbees to the Star Trek PBeM RPG world how it's done! It also includes all the information, links and advice you could ever need in this kind of rpging - or starting your own rpg.
   Korovia - The Free License Fantasy World Preview Go
Korovia is a Free License Fantasy World for fantasy authors. As a shared brand people can write stories and novels set in the fantasy world of Korovia, sell them on Amazon Kindle, and make a profit off your books without having to pay a royalty. See the Korovia website for full details.
   Pacific Coast Academy Preview Go
This rpg site revolves around the good old labels you get from the people around you. So welcome to the world of labels, where you finally can be someone you're not, and no one can judge you on it... all they can judge is the character you create. This site is like a real highschool based theme, so what ever you want to happen with you character is accepted here.
   CHILL: The Crusade Preview Go
Chill Horror RPG campaign, set in the San Francisco, CA area. Some of the sections being developed are the Campaign Logs, Characters, homebrew Creatures of the Unknown and Links, with more to come as time passes.
   Stargate Unleashed Preview Go
An AU (Alternate Universe) Stargate RP which focuses on characters you make yourself. We currently have a chatroom, along with an extensive OOC (Out of character) forums. It's just a fun place to go to so come in and have fun!
   Your Guide to Ancient Greece Preview Go
Alliance of Heroes lets you be the hero in the land of Ancient Greece. Where you can fight mythical monsters, debate with Gods of every culture and interact with friends from around the world in an environment of your creation.

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