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The Castlevania Ring - This is THE original Castlevania Ring. As a whole, these sites cover the Castlevania videogame series in great detail. Y

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The Castlevania Ring

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Manager: nerv
This is THE original Castlevania Ring. As a whole, these sites cover the Castlevania videogame series in great detail. You can find just about anything here: info, pics, art, maps, codes, game secrets, series history, character bios, movies, music, news on upcoming games, reviews, original stories and artwork, humor, and much more! Everyone is welcome to submit their own Castlevania website to the Ring! Castlevania®, and all associated video games, music, characters, etc. are owned by Konami - all rights reserved

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   Castlevania: SotN Preview Go
Home has FF7 but few is about Castlevania...(just started on it)
   The Catacombs Preview Go
This is home to the increasingly badly named Castlevania Annual Sprite Comic, and online threshhold of Muffin. (He's from Oregon. Go figure.)
   Alucard's PSX Page Preview Go
My Playstation Site has a Castlevania Theme. It has some info on Castlevania: SotN, Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Final Fantasy VII, Soul of the Samuri, Mega Man X4, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and Tekken 3. There are also links to some of my favorite sites

   Vampire Hunter D Preview Go
The first vampire hunter D page in spanish. All you want to know about the clasical OVA and the new OVA released
   Castlevania, the real story Preview Go
My site is a web comic about the first castlevania game and my version of how i think it really went. check it out.
   CASTLEVANIA Xtacy Preview Go
Now,It's time to feel ecustacy!! Blood,Fire,Rose and Little girl, This is Count Dracula's halem.
   Vampire Killers: Castlevania Preview Go
The best site in spanish of the world of Castlevania
   Keep of Trav the Impaler Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Ladygoons and gentlevamps, happy 2001 and happy 1-year anniversary to the Keep! I'm so sorry your master has been away for these last few months, but he has been sealed in the dread coffin known as life's messed up shit. To celebrate this long awaited opportunity to update, the site has basically been reincarnated, yet again. Also, welcome the addition of my forum, the C
   Dragonbanes Castlevania: SOTN Page Preview Go
The phattest site of the web dedicated to Castlevania: SOTN. Includes maps, pictures, item lists, and anything you'll need in your journey to defeat Dracula.
   Désivania Preview Go
Very little but maybe interresting... I really would like to add my mp3s

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