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Wargamer's Ring - The Wargamer's Ring links wargaming webpages together into a community. Presently the ring has hundreds of member sites

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The Wargamer's Ring links wargaming webpages together into a community. Presently the ring has hundreds of member sites and is the largest and most popular wargaming ring on WebRing. The member pages include sites on boardgames, computer games, miniatures games, and even military history. The webring makes it easier for wargaming enthusiasts to find pages on the web that interest them.


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   McBride's Army of Northern Virginia Preview Go
The computer gaming counterpart to the most noble army ever to take the field. Playing Talonsoft's Battleground games, as well as HPS Simulation's recently released Campaign Corinth. Come on over. You're as likely to encounter an intelligent discussion of period arms and tactics as you are a cyber-rewrite of history as some brave officer manages to take control outside a small t
   Naval Solutions Preview Go
   Kaz's Dojo Preview Go

   Hoplites Preview Go
Hoplites is a free computer card game based on GMT's GBoH system. The player controls an army and fights against the computer or again anther opponent on PBEM. Each player use a deck of card that represent the units (infantry, cavalry ) and special commands (flank, rally): from these decks the cards are drawn and played on a "field" where the units move, missile fire a
   War Zone C Preview Go
Including Cyberboard bameboxes , PBeM informations and play reports. Half of the contents are written in Japanese. If someone wish to contact Japanese con-sim gamer, this site can be useful as gateway.
   Aresian Crown War College Preview Go
A collection of rules, modifications, new units and links about a variety of games.
   My Favourite Games Preview Go
A website dedicated to my favourite 'classic' computer wargames. Many of which are now available for free.
   Mainly 28s... Preview Go
A wargames review site focussing on 28mm figures, vehicles, terrain and rules, as well as other odds and ends. The most unique part of the site is the comparison tool which allows you to choose which figures to see next to each other. Also on the site are several sets of free rules and links to many other sites of interest.
   Gloucester Wargames Club Preview Go
This site is about the Gloucester Wargames Club, where to find it, when we meet, and the rules and periods we play.
   141st Cadian Panzer Corps Preview Go
Hauptmann Greiss' Warhammer 40K home to the 141st Cadian Panzer Corps. Contains information on this Imperial Guard Armored Behemoth, painting articles, battle reports, pictures and news. Enjoy!

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