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Federation of RPG Makers - A webring of rpg makers to bring the internet community many free and entertaining rpgs.

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Federation of RPG Makers

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A webring of rpg makers to bring the internet community many free and entertaining rpgs.

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Dark Tower Games
Fledgling company trying to make and distribute games to the RPG fans
Dick Tracy roleplaying game
Plunge head-first into the four-colored world of America's most recognized sleuth! From busting up crooks to solving elaborate cases, the Dick Tracy rpg game enables you to do it all! This is comic strip action at it's best, so grab your tommy gun, put on your yellow fedora and hit%2
RPG Forever
A great RPG Maker 95 And RPG Maker 2000 site
Dragon Slayer
Come here for a great game called Dragon Slayer that I made with RM2K. I have also got a pretty good message board if you wanna talk to the other players of my game.
Dark Matter
In the year 2330, after World War III has destroyed civilization, one man has stumbled across a world of underground computers that are planning on completing their original program. Mankind is faced with destruction once again... Dark Matter is a Role Playing Game written in RPG Maker 95, and has the feel of Fallout meets Pokemon. I also have the Tilesets, Character Sets, Backgrounds and Enemys used in this game.

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Federation of RPG Makers

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