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Paranoia Roleplaying Game - This webring is for all editions of the roleplaying game PARANOIA.

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Paranoia Roleplaying Game

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This webring is for all editions of the roleplaying game PARANOIA.

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MAN Sector
MAN Sector is Parody-U-MAN-4's little slice of Paranoia. It includes a complete adventure for your enjoyment, along with a number of documents and graphics and a list of West End's published Paranoia materials.
Paranoia Live Action??!?
I have run these as Live Action at an LA con, they seemed to work O.K., and everyclone had fun, except the Infrared Janitor...
Major D20 Paranoia
This site is dedicated to West End Game's PARANOIA, a role playing game about a darkly humourous future. In PARANOIA, players assume the roles of "Troubleshooters" dedicated to hunting down and "fixing" (i.e. blowing up with lasers) any "problems" that might occur in Alpha Complex.

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Paranoia Roleplaying Game

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