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The RPG Network - The RPG Network webring brings together sites on role playing games with widely varied topics and styles. Many ring memb

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The RPG Network

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The RPG Network webring brings together sites on role playing games with widely varied topics and styles. Many ring members offer online bulletin board-style RPGs that you can join. Others make available forums for discussing RPGs in general, some offer services and products of interest to role playing gamers, some review gaming products, and some offer a little of everything. Visit the sites in the ring for all RPG, all the time!




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Distant Stars
A galaxy of distant stars awaits...A planet racked by war...A government facing rebel uprising...A message board RPG where you write your own adventure.
Myst Reinterpreted
Myst Reinterpreted is a PBEM/RPG using the FUDGE system. It is loosely based on the D'ni and their ability to write special linking books that take you to other worlds. While this is based on the D'ni of the Myst Games from Cyan Inc. and the associated novels it departs from Cyan's D'ni prior to their discovery by Anna from the surface of earth. You can be either a D'ni or a native inhabitant of one of their ag
Blackberry RPG
Blackberry is a free form, play by post, adult RPG in a quasi-midieval setting of surrealism where all makes and walks of life may clash together, from fantasy and scifi to modern real-lifer's and favorite canon characters.
Bravo Fleet's Task Force 17 LIVE IRC-based Star Trek
Task Force 17 is now recruiting!! We currently have 3-4 ships waiting for CO's (game masters) and we have pretty much every Star Trek position open onboard our ships. If you are interested: and apply under either CO Application or Crew Application. If you have IRC please visit us our server it is Port: 6667 /join #bravofleet!
Sacraficial Omens
In a land where peace has long existed a new chaos has threatened them all. How can the people of Fimbrathral react to the evil forboding over them? Join the fantasy world of fimbrathrall, and tackle the battle destined to happen..

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